Our thoughts on...

We believe that it is always good to know where you stand. “Policy” sounds a bit grand for us, we’re just an independent traditional pub, so here are our ‘thoughts’ on some things we thought you should know about.

Our thoughts on…

…TV, Music, Pool Tables, Darts and Games Machines

No. No. No. No. No. If you want big-screen televised sport, any kind of music, a game of pool or darts, or a few quid in a games machine, then Harrogate has some great bars and pubs that do that sort of thing very well. We’d be happy to point you towards them. But if you’d rather have uninterrupted conversation, no irritating background noise and somewhere just to relax and enjoy yourself, then please stay and have a few with us.


We are a traditional pub for adults, with a central bar area which is great for grown-ups, but not so hot for kids. We don’t cater for children and therefore do not allow them in the pub at any time. We do review this policy on a regular basis, and we are one of the few places in town where children are not automatically accepted. A lot of our customers, regulars and visitors, do find it a welcome change, and whilst we know it doesn’t suit everyone, it is how things are at the Coach. Again, we can happily point you towards kid-friendly establishments if that is what you want.


Due to problems we have encountered in the past with some irresponsible owners of our four legged friends, regretfully, we no longer allow them in the pub at any time. For health & hygiene reasons, and for the comfort of other customers we don’t allow dogs in when food is being served. Other times it can get very busy and it is not the best time or place for a pet.

…Overalls and Workwear

Just common sense really, and out of courtesy for our other customers. We absolutely understand that some jobs can leave you a bit mucky, and there is nothing like a refreshing pint at the end of a long hard day, but if you can get home, washed and changed before you join us, we’d really appreciate it.

…Anti-social Behaviour

We’re a friendly sociable pub. We don’t accept unruly, impolite or intimidating behaviour. Ever. From anyone. If you can’t handle yourself, don’t expect to be served.


We support one charity. All our fundraising is for Martin House. We politely decline opportunities to get involved with any other collections or charity initiatives that individuals or groups might approach us with.

Photo of the Coach & Horses bar

Roosters Yankee

Inside the Coach & Horses bar